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If you are like me you find peace and happiness through human expression and collaboration with others. I've journeyed as a filmmaker for over 10 years at this point- struggling forward to find my voice and other voices I resonate with in the people I work with . Through numerous gigs at ad agencies, working with countless brands and clients, then onto more personal narrative work in recent years what I care about and how I want to spend my time as a filmmaker has drastically evolved. 

I think a lot of filmmakers right now at waking up to an eminent sense of purpose in creating films and tellings stories for the betterment of society. However that struggle forward looks for each one might be different, but I share the very strong sentiment to encourage and work alongside people who have up until this point been shut out of the filmmaking world. While I have a long road ahead of me as I grow, I solely desire to do so with intersectional, safe and nurturing filmmaking communities. 

The people I work with on special projects and narrative films eventually end up becoming my family. I've learned so much from and grown as a result of the love and camaraderie I've experienced on set with so many special individuals. 





If you have a project (narrative film, documentary, music video etc.) that you believe in and your intent is to create something both beautiful and meaningful- let's have a chat and see what we can work out : )

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