A lot of the people who resonate my work have interesting project ideas but can’t afford professional film rates, preventing us from working together — at least right away.

I’m proposing a way to bridge that gap.

The people I’m fortunate enough to work with are my family. I believe that collaborating together on film projects requires people who practice hard work, compassion, respect, inclusivity and mindfulness. The sets and films I strive to co-create with my writers, actors, producers, camera crew and etc., are a safe space for an intersectional group of people to grow as artists, to create compelling work and to sustain ourselves financially.

I’m looking to collaborate with other filmmakers, actors and models to make content for licensing purposes. I’m looking to offer my time, crew, gear and 10+ years of experience to other people interested in creating exciting youth culture content for brands like Vice and Broadly, independent fashion companies and progressive organizations — particularly those that support queer communities and mental health awareness.

In exchange for your time and energy in creating good work with me, you’d have full access to use any of the content for your own portfolio as well as 10% of any licensing sales in perpetuity (forever).

Visit my Stocksy portfolio to get a feel for the sort of work I’m putting out into the world. If you’d like to make more of it with me, send me a message with your ideas.